MBT Footwear

MBT Sale: New Models, Same Great Savings — Save up to 74%!

Nearly 10 years ago, we were asked by the inventor to introduce Masai Barefoot Technology in this country. Up until then, the world had never seen, or experienced, anything like MBT shoes. We sold tens of thousands of pairs at prices from $199-$275. Unfortunately, economic turmoil in the Euro zone dealt MBT a serious set of challenges over the past few years. Ultimately (and inevitably) the parent company at the time, MBT of Switzerland, closed its doors last summer. The brand has since been acquired and is being relaunched, but we were fortunate to have had the opportunity to secure a significant amount of excess inventory at substantial savings, which we have happily passed along to Herrington customers. And we'll continue to offer these best-sellers to you — until they're gone. But don't wait too long! As the balance between supply and demand evens out, these prices simply cannot last forever.