Cherry Picker Motorized Bulb Changing Kit

Change Hard-to-Reach Light Bulbs With Motorized Ease — Without Risking a Limb on a Shaky Stool Or Step Ladder! Read More


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Soaring ceilings are great, but changing bulbs on those high fixtures can be a safety issue. Instead of chancing a chair, or risking a stepladder, keep your feet firmly planted on the ground! Our cordless remote Cherry Picker uses a motorized head mounted to a telescoping pole to give you cathedral reach. Articulating, motorized head adjusts to fit fixtures at any angle. Two different interchangeable Bulb Changers snap on the head to grasp any size or shape bulb — including standard size, vanity bulbs, and all sizes of flood and spotlights. Torque-limiting circuit prevents damage to bulbs or fixtures. Includes (2) 9V batteries for motorized head; (1) 9V battery for remote control panel; and 6' adjustable extension pole.

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    Bulb changing kit

    This works very well......easy assembly and instructions; the suction system surprisingly worked excellently even though the old bulbs were dusty; has plenty of power in rotation; tested on a standard 100 W bulb and a heavy track lighting bulb; only suggestion would be to include another extension pole for stairwell reaching; overall a great device! Herrington Catalog Response: What a great suggestion! We will certainly pass it along to our supplier.

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