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When you or a loved one breaks down on the side of the road, every precious minute you are stranded there is potential for something bad to happen. An unsuspecting driver coming around the corner isn't expecting a stationary object they will need to avoid. Give them as much notice to your presence as possible with CrashFlasher. Typical road flares alert oncoming traffic to the issue, but because they are on the ground it is the last thing other motorists see. With CrashFlasher, a 360° beacon of super-bright, flashing LEDs is placed on the top of the car. So other drivers from both directions see the CrashFlasher first, even before they spot your car, giving them ample time to slow down. Setup takes no time, because there are no loose parts to assemble and no tools required. The 5 foot tall warning light adheres to the vehicle roof via magnets — so it won't slide around! Fits neatly inside reflective pouch which also comes equipped with LED flashlight (batteries included) and bright reflective safety vest. CrashFlasher LED runs on Lithium ion batteries that will last for 5 years!

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