Lighted Tread Saver Digital Tire Gauge

Lighted Digital Tire Gauge More Than Pays for Itself With Enhanced Safety and Longer Tread Life! Read More



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I just bought four new all-season radials for my Escalade. Cost mounted? Over $1,000! Turns out I was running them at 3-4 lbs. under inflated, which can be dangerous. And it cost me literally thousands of miles of tread life. It won't happen again, with Tread Saver in my console. Oversize, extra-bright, backlit LCD reads quickly, even at night (without glasses). Without question the most accurate tire gauge you can own, reading in .5 lbs. increments from 5-99 psi.

Tread Saver will even store and display the factory-recommended tire pressure for both front and rear tires. And the white LED flashlight at the tip means I'm never fumbling for the valve stem. So precise and well-engineered I kind of look forward to checking my tire pressure! Includes replaceable button cell batteries.

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