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Miracle Fold

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Looking at untidy drawers, with shirts and sweaters overflowing so much the drawer can't be closed, is a terrible way to start a day. But folding is such a tiresome, tedious task — I get so frustrated I wind up just scrunching my undershirts in a ball and stuffing them away! With Miracle Fold each shirt or garment can be evenly and uniformly folded in just 5 seconds. Simply lay the shirt in the middle of the device with the collar in line with the top edge of Miracle Fold. Then fold up any part exposed under the bottom edge to make a clean line. Next fold in the left panel to the middle, then the right panel. Now the garment will be uniformly folded into the middle panel. Lastly fold up the hinged middle panel to give a perfect fold — condensed down to 10" W x 12"H! Manufactured from high-grade, durable plastic with a no-slip backing. 29" W x 24" H.

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