NightWalker Flashlight

At Last, a Walking Light That Prevents Trips and Falls; Shows You What's Ahead and What's at Your Feet — With a Flashing Taillight for Safety! Read More



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Our NightWalker recently won the Good Design Award — and for good reason! Not just a flashlight, but a clever Tri-Light that prevents the dangerous stumbles and falls all too common with ordinary, single-beam flashlights. In addition to seeing what's 10, 20, or 30 feet ahead, NightWalker's second beam reveals what's at your feet! So you won't trip over a box in the basement when you go down to check the circuit breakers in a power failure. Powerfully bright, high-output Luxeon LED in front never needs replacing. The second beam uses two downward-firing LEDs to show you where to step. And a third, switchable red-flashing taillight makes you highly visible to traffic approaching from behind! Produces thirteen hours of brightness on three AA's (included). Gasket-sealed for use in inclement weather.

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  1. out of 5 stars

    The NightWalker Flashlight is fabulous

    We have owned one for approx 6 years and just ordered a second one for our daughter for her new Lab puppy. Nothing better and safer than grabbing it when out the door on a cold, dark early morning or evening, with the choice of forward light, down light (to see where you are walking) and the flashing red tail light. I feel safe from cars and others walking. Feels very good in the hand, even with the leash. I highly recommend for anyone who walks in darkness, with or without a dog or two. - CynD

  2. out of 5 stars

    Night walker flashlight

    Works great for my nighttime walks. Lightweight and easy to hold. Love the color!

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