Passport 9500iX GPS Radar Detector

New Passport 9500iX GPS Uses Satellites to Remember Exactly Where the Cops Hide, And Where Speed-Camera Ambushes Await — So You'll Never Get Nabbed Again! Read More


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With unmanned speed and red-light camera traps spreading like wildfire across the country (those $100,000 installations pay for themselves in less than a year with `found' ticket revenue), don't be surprised if you receive a snapshot of yourself in the mail, along with a ticket you never knew was coming! So it might pay to upgrade your defenses. Escort's new Passport 9500iX incorporates the latest GPS military technology to protect you from outrageously aggressive enforcement of red lights and speed limits. Here's how.

Lee Herrington

Smile, You're on Candid Camera! — Passport's GPS receiver comes preloaded with thousands of red light and speed camera locations throughout North America. And with a simple download from the Escort website, it's easy to keep your Passport database up to date. So you won't be ambushed by Police Paparazzi photos. Instead, Passport gives you ample advanced warning so you can fly `under the radar' (and hide from the Paparazzi!).

GPS — Every day I drive past a security system that triggers a nerve-jangling false alert from my old detector. Even though I know it's coming, it's no less annoying. With the new Passport, I merely activate the GPS feature with the touch of a button, and my Passport memorizes the exact location and frequency of that store's security system, giving me permanent and blessed relief from daily false alerts. Best of all, if an enterprising officer sets up a trap near the store, trying to "hide" behind known false signals, Passport still smokes him out by distinguishing between the security system and police radar frequencies.

Intelligent — There are certain locations throughout our state where police love to set up speed traps: at the bottom of long hills, just over the crest of certain hills on I-93, and on heavily traveled but rural shortcuts that avoid Interstate traffic. But with Passport's GPS-based intelligence, I merely mark these locations (up to 5000 of them!) with a touch of a button. Thereafter, any time I approach any marked location, from any direction, Passport warns me with a gradual countdown from 1 mile away! I find this particularly comforting — not only to remind me of frequent speed traps at certain locations, but also to permanently mark the location of newly discovered, unmanned speed and red light camera installations.

Long Distance Information — Passport contains a highly developed receiver that gives you the finest 360° early-warning, long-range protection money can buy — on X, K, Ka, POP, and (European) Ku bands. Crystal-clear voice alerts even sound intelligent! Sophisticated Laser circuitry has been so optimized it even provides an alert when other vehicles up ahead are targeted — no mean feat. And Passport varies its sensitivity with your speed, giving you maximum warning when you most need it. Speed Alert instantly displays your actual speed with each encounter. So you know exactly how much to slow down. And if you like your music loud, Passport understands that and automatically adjusts its alert volume to make sure you hear it! Completely immune to VG-2 "detector-detector". Includes handy Remote Smart Cord/Plug for no-reach muting.

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