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Password Vault

Keep All of Your Account Information, Log-Ins, and Passwords Organized in One Easy-to-Use, Secure Device — Can't be Hacked! Read More


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Between e-mail log-ins, online shopping, online banking, ATM, and work — I probably have 50 different passwords and accounts that I need to remember. And of course they all have their own special requirements, so it seems like no two passwords are ever the same! Now instead of scribbling critical information on scrap paper or storing it on my computer (big NO-NO!), I keep all of my account information and passwords in one secure location. With Password Vault, I just enter the account information once, and it's always easily accessible. One Master PIN provides access to the Vault, but if someone enters an incorrect PIN number five consecutive times, Password Vault automatically locks for 30 minutes to protect your data. And best of all, because it isn't connected to the internet, it can't be hacked! Full QWERTY keyboard makes entering data a snap, and you can also enter numbers, symbols or use Caps Lock. Screen may be backlit for increased visibility. Stores up to 400 accounts with Search functionality for easy lookup. Runs on 3 AAA batteries (included). 4.8"W x 3.5"H x 1"D.

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  1. out of 5 stars

    Password Vault

    The best thing you could ever offer. I have a lot of passwords to keep up with, and sometimes I end up losing some of them. With this new device, I don't have that problem anymore. I can keep all of my passwords in one location, where I can find them when I get ready for them. And the best thing about this device is the fact that it cannot be hacked because it is not connected to the internet. You have your own personal code, where no one can get into it but you. So far its been working well for me. I am really satisfied with it, very simple to use, in fact its so simple, I didn't have to read the instructions to get started. Love it

  2. out of 5 stars

    Password Vault

    A number of not so stellar reviews but after learning the quirks of this item, to date, no faults, no fouls! I would recommend the unit, especially if you have many passwords. TonyG

  3. out of 5 stars

    Password vault

    It is bad goods, first one customer can't delete the old password after create a new one; second, product from China, you should let customer know that product from China, there are many people boycott goods from China included myself. I am not recoment friend buy this product. Herrington Catalog Response: We are sorry you found the Password Vault difficult to use. The directions indicate the following: To change a password, simply press the red action button, and select the EDIT option. Arrow down to the password. Use the right arrow button to move forward over your old password. Use the backspace button to delete the password. Enter a new password. This unit is, indeed, made in China.

  4. out of 5 stars

    Should have listened

    Should have listened to the other reviews. The keypad is confusing in that the shift key does not work to make capital letters. Also my number 0 key does not work at all. Also had to have someone help me place the batteries in since they kept popping out. Herrington Catalog Response: We're sorry to learn you have found the Password Vault confusing. The included step by step instructions are very helpful. The "Cap Lock" key should be utilized to display capital letters. The "Shift" key is used to utilize the red icons above the numbers and letters in the top two rows. If your zero key does not work, you may have a defective unit. I see that one of our Customer Service Specialists has reached out to you to troubleshoot your Password Vault, and facilitate a return, if necessary.

  5. out of 5 stars

    Password Vault

    This is the easiest & handiest way to save hundreds of passwords that can be as complicated & lengthy as you like.

  6. out of 5 stars

    Great but back it up.

    I had one for two years which worked perfectly until one day it stopped functioning, locking up the scores of passwords in it. I plan on buying another but this time I will back up all the passwords on paper. Herrington Catalog Response: We are sorry to learn the Password Vault has locked up on you. I see that one of our Customer Support Specialists has reached out to you to discuss the Reset Button feature, which may fix the problem. As you have already purchased another unit, please feel free to send back the non-functioning unit to us. We're sorry about this inconvenience - clearly, this should not have occurred.

  7. out of 5 stars

    Password Vault

    I think it is going to be okay. Have not had time to really use it.

  8. out of 5 stars

    Love It!!!!

    Great tool if you have a lot of User Names and Passwords to keep track of. Very easy to use and compact.

  9. out of 5 stars

    Easy Enough

    This is easy enough to use. Just a few quirks: since the shift is on the left, the dot, which you access by using shift, should be on the right side of the keyboard. Awkward to use both on the left. Also strange to use "Caps Lock" for just a single capital letter, then push it again to go back to small letters. Other than those 2 quirks, easy to use and stores all my web sites and passwords perfectly. Now hope I don't lose it!

  10. out of 5 stars

    password vault

    so far so good. Easy to set up and use. Beats a roll-a-dex full of cards

  11. out of 5 stars

    Password catalog

    Haven't had to use it yet but have put my passwords in and I'm ready. I have a friend that is going to buy one.I think it's great tool to have.

  12. out of 5 stars

    Password vault

    Password Vault works very good. Key Pad is a little confusing. The SHIFT KEY does not Capitalize. The CAP LOCK would be more convient if there were a indication when the CAP LOCK is engaged, or there was a Momentary Cap Key instead of Cap Lock, or both.

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