Sno Brum Snow Removal Brush

Removal Made Easy! Telescoping Sno Brum Pushes Snow Off Your Car or SUV, Without Scratching, and Without Burying You! Read More


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We usually get over 100 inches of snowfall here in New Hampshire. So removing snow off the windshield is just part of the challenge!

The rest of the car carries a heavy blanket of snow that obscures vision, blocks the radiator, and covers taillights. And on my 4x4, a foot of snow can pile up on the roof, creating a hazard for following vehicles! Sno Brum uses a push-broom style to remove snow away from you. A non-abrasive foam head protects paint. So you don't have to risk your car's finish with a windshield brush or ice scraper. Oversized 17" wide x 6" high head removes even wet heavy snow in seconds. While a sturdy aluminum handle telescopes to 4' to clear off large 4x4s and minivans. Made in the USA.

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  1. out of 5 stars

    Great gift

    Bought a bunch to hand out for Christmas to family & friends. Everyone was excited about the gift. Can't go wrong with a gift that does a great job getting the snow off the car especially if you have an SUV.

  2. out of 5 stars

    Perfect timing!

    We gave these as Christmas gifts and last night we received 30" drifts and about 10" snow. Perfect chance for the girls to use their new Sno Brums! Thanks

  3. out of 5 stars

    A "Snow Country" Must

    Here in Snow Country (Southeast Idaho) a Sno Brum is a must. I recently had hip surgery and Idaho is having its snowiest winter in years. I lean on my cane and use the sno brum to remove the snow from my car. The snow brum simplifies what could be an impossible task. I gave my daughter, who lives in Montana, a sno brum two years ago. She looked at it like--what in the world is this? Now, she uses it every day in the winter.

  4. out of 5 stars

    Love it!

    Just had our first snow in CT and tried my new Snow Brum for first time. I love it. I was able to clear 5" of snow off my SUV effortlessly. I ordered two more for gifts!

  5. out of 5 stars

    best snow broom

    If you live in NE you need a great dependable snow broom to clear the snow OFF the vehicle roof top. I am short + this works so well.

  6. out of 5 stars

    Love them

    I have bought many of these snow brooms over the years for family members and friends. They work great for a fast snow removal. Because I am only 5'2" the telescoping handle helps me reach farther than otherwise. Great product. /remember they are for snow removal not Ice,

  7. out of 5 stars

    So brum snow removal

    I have not use them yet .my order was shipped very quickly.

  8. out of 5 stars

    Best Thing Ever

    This sno brum is the best invention since sliced bread..... love it and recommended to all friends and family...... in fact almost 2 years I'm buyng another one.

  9. out of 5 stars

    Sno Brum

    The product is quality made and reasonably priced. It's something you need and hope you never use.

  10. out of 5 stars

    great winter tool

    Just used. How easy! No scratches to my SUV. Even got roof and I'm 5'3"

  11. out of 5 stars

    Sno Brum Brush

    I haven't been able to use mine yet, as it has not snowed this season. I saw a fellow using one last year, and saw how handy it was. I have searched and searched, so I too could have one, but to no avail, until the Herrington Catalog was received. The same day another catalog was received, and it had the same brush at the same unit price. I bought from Herrington as they had a little lower price on purchases of 2+. I bought 3. @ were Christmas gifts. Joseph

  12. out of 5 stars

    magnificent product

    This is by far the *BEST* snow brush I've ever seen or purchased. It's much better than any snow brush in an auto. supply center. It works *WONDERFULLY*. I would heartily recommend this product to anyone, anywhere.

  13. out of 5 stars

    A Lifesaver in New England!

    2015 has been one of the snowiest winters on record here in New Hampshire, but it was no problem with the Snow Brum! I can easily remove all the snow from my vehicle with the handle fully extended, and it collapses down for convenient storage in the trunk.

  14. out of 5 stars


    Especially this year in New England!!! I've had mine for about 10 years now and it's a little dirty but it's still fine. Don't know how I ever survived without this!! You will NEVER regret purchasing this item.

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