Zero Emissions Rechargeable Electric Generator

Free Standard Shipping!No Gas, No Fumes, No-Noise Rechargeable Emergency Generator is Safe to Operate Indoors — Powerful Enough to Keep Your Refrigerator Running Continuously for up to 4 Days! Read More


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Product Details

When the power goes out during a storm, every family needs access to emergency power. Critical appliances like refrigerators, freezers or health-care equipment must be kept running to provide safety and comfort when you[re trapped in your home for days. But who wants to deal with the hassle of wiring and installing a noisy gas generator that emits deadly carbon monoxide, and requires hundreds of feet of electrical cords? Now you can gain up to 1500 watts of power in a small, silent, portable, zero-emissions electric generator that you can run in your house all day long, and that requires no electrical know-how! Simply charge the unit via AC wall adaptor or 30 Watt solar panels before the storm, plug in up to three standard 110V appliances or electronic devices, and use them like you normally would. You even get three standard USB ports to charge your smartphone to stay connected — or iPads and tablets to stay entertained.

Hell on Wheels — With the convenient attachable cart, you can wheel the generator to where you need the power most; no more extension cords throughout your house causing tripping hazards. Not just limited to home power outages, Zero Emissions is also ideal for camping and tailgating without fear of asphyxiation while watching a movie and enjoying a cold one from your mini-fridge! Because it can absorb a full load (unlike gas generators), you can operate power tools where a power outlet isn't nearby. Can run a full-size refrigerator continuously for up to 4 days (depending on model), a 48" LCD TV for 35 hours, or a laptop for up to 40 hours — even powerful enough to run a microwave! Easy to read LCD screen displays wattage being used and remaining power of battery. Multiple output ports including 3 standard 110V AC outlets, 3 USB ports and one Female 12V (car). Total battery capacity is 1250W with a 1500W max. Included AC wall charger refreshes unit in 16 hours. Manufacturer recommends charging every 3-4 months when not in use. Rated for continuous use. Operating temperature 20-105 degrees F. Weighs 103 lbs; 16" x 11.5" x 14.5". Free Standard Shipping to continental 48 States only.

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