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10' Garage Door Threshold Seal
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10' Garage Door Threshold Seal

Keep Your Garage Clean and Dry! Our Patented Garage Door Threshold Seal Provides the Ultimate Barrier — Blocks Out Rain, Wind, Debris and Pests! Read More
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Create a tight, permanent seal between your garage floor and door in just minutes to block out cold, wet weather, leaves, debris, insects, snakes and rodents! Our floor-mounted, durable PVC Threshold creates the perfect seal and a tight barrier. The weight of your garage door presses down on the Seal and fills the gap that wind, dirt and pests can penetrate. Patented one-piece strip is easy to install and permanently secures to the garage floor (Liquid Nails® adhesive and caulking gun included — see Easy installation instructions below). Adds a 1/2" tall barrier to block rain from seeping in from sloped driveways or uneven garage floors. Works great with all types of garage doors including roll up, hinged wood and walk through doors. Protects your vehicles, tools, and equipment, and keeps your garage cooler in summer and warmer in the winter! Rugged PVC resists weather, chemicals, corrosion, shock and abrasion for years of reliable use, ensured by a lifetime warranty! 10' Door Seal includes 1 cartridge Liquid Nails® and 1 caulking gun; all others include 2 cartridges Liquid Nails® Ultra Duty and 1 metal caulking gun. Measures 1/2" high at mid-point; 3.5" wide. Please choose length below — Threshold Seal may be cut to fit.

Easy Installation Instructions:

  1. Clean and dry area where Garage Door Seal will be installed (if any grease is evident, use rubbing alcohol). Re-roll Door Seal in the opposite direction, starting at the center of the coil, in order to flatten for installation.

  2. Lay Door Seal down on concrete with ramp area positioned towards inside of the garage. Close garage door from inside, then slide Door Seal under garage door (towards the street) until it is snug. If Seal needs to be shortened or cut to fit, use a hacksaw or utility knife.

  3. Draw a line on the concrete along each side of Door Seal, then remove to expose garage floor between the drawn lines. Apply included adhesive to the floor in three 1/4" wide strips (one down the center, the other two 1/2" in from outer edge). Carefully position Door Seal between the lines on the concrete, and firmly press into position.

  4. Close the garage door and leave closed for 24 hours. This will maintain continuous pressure on the Door Seal and allow the adhesive to bond. Excess adhesive may be wiped away with mineral spirits or toluene.

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