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5-Star MicroCotton Towel Set
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5-Star MicroCotton Towel Set

Experience the Extravagance of 5-Star Luxury — Silky Soft, Incredibly Absorbent and Fast Drying MicroCotton Towels. Read More
Item #: HS587
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Nothing feels as luxurious and comforting as wrapping yourself in a soft, thick, thirsty towel at your favorite 5-Star hotel. Enjoy that same sumptuous extravagance at home with our 5-Star MicroCotton Towel Set! Unlike standard cotton, MicroCotton's highly dense fiber loops and open structure enables almost instantaneous absorption —250% faster than regular cotton towels! Yet MicroCotton dries in less than half the time of fine Egyptian cotton towels — ideal year round, but especially in humid weather to avoid that nasty mildew odor of damp towels. Enjoy years of plush, cloudlike softness — uniquely long, luxurious staple cotton produces almost no lint wash after wash for an exceptionally long life. And with a fiber count 3 to 4 times more than standard cotton towels, 5-Star MicroCotton Towels are twice as thick yet lightweight, and silky soft — unlike any you've ever experienced! 6-piece set includes: 2 Bath Towels (54"x30"), 2 Hand Towels (30"x16"), and 2 Wash Cloths (13"x13"). Imported.

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