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Absolute Zero Curtains - 95" X 50" (Set of 2)
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Absolute Zero Curtains - 95" X 50" (Set of 2)

Classic Movie Theater Style Curtains Create the Ultimate Home Theater Experience — Reduce up To 40% of Unwanted Noise, and Block 100% of Intrusive Light! Read More
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I remember the good old days, when for $1.50 you could catch a double feature with popcorn and soda at your local movie theater. Now a night at the movies with the family just about requires a loan from the bank! Instead, stay home, curl up with a blanket, and get a true home theater experience any time of the day, with our Absolute Zero media curtains that block out 100% of light. No more annoying glare, thanks to patented Thermaback technology. Lab-tested to not only block all light, but even reduce unwanted external noise by up to 40%. It will enhance your home movie watching experience so much you might never leave the couch! Classic styling will blend in with traditional or contemporary décor. They can also be used in a bedroom to block morning light, and even have thermal retention properties that may cut down on your heating bills. Back side of curtain is white as viewed from outside. Will fit rods up to 2.5" diameter. Panels are 50" wide and come in sets of 2. Measure from just above window frame to floor for desired length 63", 84" or 95". Curtain rod not included.

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