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Active Core Cushion
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Active Core Cushion

Stop Slumping in Your Seat — Improve Your Posture With Active Core Cushion!! Read More
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Who knew a little instability could be so beneficial! Simply sit on Active Core Cushion and your body automatically engages the muscles needed to improve your posture! Durable, pre-inflated disc has just enough give to slightly de-stabilize your sitting surface — encourages active sitting as the pelvis is tilted forward and the spine is elongated and aligned. As your body performs continuous micro-movements to stay balanced, your core muscles (including your abdomen and back) are strengthened, providing the support needed to maintain correct posture. Ribbed design keeps the cushion in place, while breathable cover removes for washing. Correct posture also relieves painful pressure on your lower back and shoulders. Recommended by the renowned London Spine Clinic! Suggested initial use: 30 minute intervals. Maximum user weight 660 lbs.; 13.5" diameter.

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