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Adjustable Beam Natural Light Table/Desk Lamp
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Adjustable Beam Natural Light Table/Desk Lamp

Our Natural-Light Lamps Really Shine, Without Straining Your Eyes — With an Adjustable Beam to Suit Your Every Need. Read More
Item #: HS805
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I'm an avid reader — I guess that's obvious. Whether I'm scouring one of 4 daily newspapers, perusing a stack of magazines, proofing our catalog (ugh!), or simply relaxing with my favorite novel, I just really cannot get enough. But that (along with age!) makes common eyestrain my sworn enemy — and this lamp my best friend. Its single high-output LED is over twice as bright as typical lamps, but it simulates natural daylight, rather than the harsh flat light of fluorescent or overhead lights, or most lamps. So my eyes perform optimally, and remain strain-free for hours. And now I can adjust the area and the intensity of light to suit my needs, by just grasping and gently pushing/pulling the clever shade. The one-of-a-kind patent-pending lamp head literally adjusts to hundreds of positions, narrowing or widening the diameter of the light beam, while varying the light intensity, making it ideal for everything from close-up detailed tasks and reading fine print, to scanning the entire sports page or reading the latest novel. The Philips LED natural light source is rated up to 50,000 hours, and the 12" gooseneck adjusts for any scenario. AC Adapter included. 23" height w/12" gooseneck.

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