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Adjustable Focus Glasses
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Adjustable Focus Glasses

See Clearly at All Times With One Pair of Glasses — Adjustable Focus Customizes to Your Exact Needs to See Near, Far and In Between! Invaluable for Those With Diabetic Retinopathy! Read More
Item #: ES1087
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We are sorry, but this product is no longer available.
Are you tired of endlessly putting your glasses on to read, taking them off to squint at the computer screen, and then searching for your other pair to watch TV? Or do you suffer from fluctuating vision due to diabetes? Our Adjustable Focus Glasses are an ingenious solution that allow you to customize your magnification to your exact needs! Award winning design features scratch-resistant polycarbonate dual lenses, each comprised of two wave-shaped plates that glide across one another with the turn of a dial. These discreet dials individually adjust the lenses for optimal focus in each eye — correct for a large range of spherical powers (from -6.0D to +3.0D) so you'll see near, far and in between with just one pair of glasses! And if you struggle with fluctuating vision due to diabetes, Adjustable Focus Glasses offer a cost-effective solution to buying multiple pairs. Lightweight, unbreakable TR90 unisex frame is highly resilient, retains its shape, and along with soft, flexible nose pads, ensure a comfortable fit! Not meant to replace prescription glasses; does not correct astigmatism. Diopter range -6 to +3 on each lens. 1.3"H x 5.5"W; weighs 0.6 oz.

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