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All-In-Golf Chips Game
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All-In-Golf Chips Game

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If your Sunday morning Nassau or Skins Game is getting old, bring the fun back with the All-In-Golf Chips Game! 24 authentic casino-style chips each depict a positive or negative play. Before you begin your round, decide on the chip value, then as you play, distribute them for Longest Drive, Birdie, 1 Putt, etc... Take more than one shot to get out of the sand trap and you earn the Grave Digger — furthest from the pin on a par 3 gets you the Beer Chip and the honor of buying a round when the beverage cart comes by! Keep the fun going with the 3 Putt, Chip In, Lost Ball, Worm Burner and more. At the end of the game, you pay out for every negative chip and are paid for every positive chip in your pocket at the 19th hole! Includes 24 Chips and Storage Pouch with carabiner and easy-access tee holder on back.

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