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Almost Golf Retrieving Tube with 2 Dozen Practice Balls
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Almost Golf Retrieving Tube with 2 Dozen Practice Balls

Finally, Practice Balls That Stay in the Yard, But Feel, Fly, and Spin Like Real Balls! Read More
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Now you can practice in your backyard, without a hitting net, and without endangering your neighborhood! Almost Golf Balls weigh just 13.5 grams, or one-quarter the weight of a regulation ball — so they carry about 1/3 the distance. And they can't break windows! Yet with a compression rating of 45, or one-half a normal ball, Almost Golf Balls achieve a realistic launch off the clubface. So you can hit true fades, draws and backspin shots — and accurately diagnose swing flaws from ball flight. Unlike plastic balls, Almost Golf feels and flies like a golf ball when struck, and doesn't zoom straight up in the air. Serious players can get real practice time in the backyard, without the inconvenience of going to the range. Won't deform like cheap plastic balls; won't dent your car or crack your siding; and they even float if you want to hit wedges into the pool!

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