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Android 64 GB Auto-Save Charging Cable
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Android 64 GB Auto-Save Charging Cable

Preserve and Protect Your Precious Memories — Automatically Back Up Your Data & Photos Every Time You Charge Your Phone! Read More
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Even if you've never experienced that gut-wrenching panic when you can't find your phone, or watched it shatter as it hits the ground, you'll want this for pure peace of mind! Unlike the cumbersome process of backing up your phone to your computer, Auto-Save Charging Cable automatically backs up your data every time you charge your phone — safely, securely and effortlessly! Simply plug in the cable to automatically download the app and initially back-up all your data — you'll see it there on the screen, so you'll know it's 100% secure. Built-in memory pod stores your contacts, calendar, messages and of course, those irreplaceable photos and videos. Then, every time you charge your phone, Auto-Save Charging Cable automatically backs up anything new. If your phone is lost, stolen or damaged, simply plug Auto-Save into your new phone to quickly restore everything from the last time you charged it! Data is PIN protected, totally secure, and each Cable stores data for up to 3 devices. For redundant security, you can even back up your data via Wi-Fi to your laptop or desktop with the free desktop app. Auto-Save Charging Cable also acts as external memory using Archive Mode so you won't run out of space on your device. And it makes upgrading your phone a cinch, even across different platforms — simply transfer all your data to your new device in one simple step! Mini USB connector for Android and other phones and tablets. Measures 37" long.

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