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Andy's Grill Cleaner
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Andy's Grill Cleaner

Gets the Grease Off Your Grill! Read More
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Twenty years ago in a small, rural area of west Tennessee, Andy Marten got sick of scouring his grill. Being a resourceful tinkerer, he invented a simple but ingenious brass plate with notches to fit every shape grill. He secured it to a 15" steel rod with a solid birch handle — so he could clean a hot grill without scorching his skin! Neighbors loved the gadget that turned a messy job into quick, easy fun, so Andy began making them for friends in his workshop. Last summer I met Andy at a flea market near Nashville (I always go to flea markets looking for old, unappreciated guitars) — where he sat at a small table selling his pride and joy. I struck out that day looking for guitars, but I struck gold in meeting the old timer with a better idea. Still made in Tennessee, with a brass plate that fits most grills (will not scratch porcelain).

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