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Anti-Sway Pro Golf Training Aid
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Anti-Sway Pro Golf Training Aid

Take the Sway Away and Swing Like the Pros! Read More
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It's very simple — pros don't sway, amateurs do. Swaying is the #1 swing flaw, affecting both high and low handicap golfers — preventing proper weight shift and making it difficult to time the bottom of the swing arc at the ball, often causing fat shots, thin shots or even the dreaded shank. One of the simplest and most effective training aids ever, Anti-Sway Pro helps you build a stronger, more correct foundation and overcome the bad habit of swaying! Engineered to fit anyone, the dual-armature design gives you instant feedback — you'll feel the pressure of the arms as it simultaneously identifies sway and the negative effects of 'rotating' the rear knee away from the ball. Simply use it for 5 minutes a day at home, or prior to your next round to get the muscle memory needed for a solid, sway-free swing. Once you no longer feel pressure, you know you're swinging correctly, just like the pros! Perfect for year round practice — with or without balls! Adjusts to every golfer/club/stance; easily fits in bag. Advanced polymer; flexes but won't break. Made in USA.

"Works perfectly. Gives the feedback during solo-practice that players need. A great training aid." — Mike Calbot, PGA Teaching Pro

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