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Antique Anti-Fatigue Mat (6' x 2')
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Antique Anti-Fatigue Mat (6' x 2')

Free Standard Shipping! Standing is Believing: Put a 3/4" Thick Cushion Between You and Hard Floors — So You Can Prepare Holiday Meals Without Foot Fatigue and Back Aches! Read More
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Our Stand-By-Me Mat is made from a springy, 3/4" thick polyurethane that actually suspends your body weight, and increases blood flow to feet, ankles and legs. So you can stand for hours at the kitchen counter without lower back pain, tired joints, or foot fatigue. Non-slip, non-porous, antimicrobial smooth surface makes it easy to clean — nor will Stand-By-Me collect dirt or trap bacteria. No-trip, 30 degree beveled edge stays absolutely flat; won't curl up. And the highly resilient polyurethane never loses its thickness or ability to cushion — bouncing back into shape each time you shift your weight. Take a load off your lower back and try one in your kitchen — you stand on it, and we'll stand behind it! Made in the USA.

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