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Ararat Turkish Towel Set (Set of 3)
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Ararat Turkish Towel Set (Set of 3)

Wrap Yourself in Our Thick Turkish Towels, and Luxuriate in Plush Softness. Read More
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(Wash, Hand & Bath Towel)

Our latest luxury towel collection hails from the rugged Ararat Mountain region of eastern Turkey. With an extreme winter climate, and temperatures that drop to -40° F, the challenge of staying warm and dry after bathing in this frigid area is not to be underestimated. Hence the Ararat Turkish Towels. Lavishly woven from the highest quality, extra-long staple Turkish cotton fibers, these towels are renowned for their thickness, sheen, and softness. With a density of 700 grams, real Turkish towels surpass even prized Egyptian Cotton for absorbency and softness, and will maintain both after hundreds of washings. Set includes one each of Bath, Hand and Wash towels. Made in Turkey.

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