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ARC-NRG PushUp Trainer
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ARC-NRG PushUp Trainer

Free Standard Shipping!Build Strength and Efficiently Burn More Fat to Feel Better and Look Amazing! New, Versatile ARC-NRG Trainer Let's Anyone Do Effective Push-Ups for a Stronger, Healthier Body! Read More
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I don't know about you, but no matter how many sit-ups I do, I just can't get rid of my belly fat, and now I know why! The more muscles you work, the more fat you burn, and sit ups only target a small group of muscles, so they'll never burn the fat I'm looking to lose. It takes about 22,000 crunches to burn 1 pound of fat — no thanks! But compound exercises, which work multiple muscle groups and demand more energy, 'burn' more fat — and push-ups are one of the best compound exercises you can do! Of course, not everyone can simply lie down and push their entire body weight up and down, especially as we get older. That's why the ARC-NRG PushUp Trainer is so effective! This sturdy yet lightweight, low-impact resistance trainer supports you as you execute rep after rep. Simply select a level of exertion for your current physical condition and you'll immediately be working 5 major muscle groups while engaging your lower body muscles with each repetition! You'll build more muscle in your chest, arms, shoulders, back and core, burn more fat and increase your strength for better and longer lasting results. Perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike — gradually increase the level of resistance as you build strength, and included hand sliders add variety for even more challenging workouts. You'll build muscle, which increases your metabolism and burns more fat so you'll lose weight fast, even during rest! Fight off aging and finally get rid of that belly bulge and back fat, those love handles and thunder thighs for head to toe results you'll be proud of! Includes access to on-line workout videos and programs. 6 pieces easily slide together; no tools needed. Maximum user weight 300 lbs.; intended for ages 12 and over. Measures 63" x 4" x 11.8"; weighs 16.5 lbs.

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