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ArmourCard RFID Jammer
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ArmourCard RFID Jammer

Put an Impenetrable Force Field Around Your Wallet and Passport — ArmourCard Stops Identity Thieves and Skimmers Cold! FCC Certified! Read More
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Protect your credit cards, ID and passport from merciless identity thieves! Many of the new Smart Chips use RFID or NFC communication — great for speeding up transactions and getting through customs, but that wireless communication leaves your information susceptible to skimmers. By just brushing up against you in a crowded airport or coffee shop, thieves can steal your account information! ArmourCard's new micro-jamming technology produces an electronic force field that stops electronic pick pockets cold! This ingenious device (just 2 credit cards thin) detects scanners and immediately produces an electronic force field that jams their signal! Simply slide ArmourCard in the middle of your Smart Chip cards or in the back of your passport — the jamming field extends out 2 inches on each side so you'll rest assured your personal information is always safe and protected! ArmourCard is the only RFID protection product certified by the FCC. Battery lasts 2+ years. Features touch activated momentary override switch. Safe for international travel; clears TSA checkpoints.

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