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AshAway Chimney Sweep Model
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AshAway Chimney Sweep Model

Now You Can Clean Your Fireplace or Wood Stove Without Creating a Mushroom Cloud That Soils Furniture (and Clogs Your Lungs!). Read More
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Believe it or not, I was once stupid enough to fill a brown paper grocery bag with ashes from the fireplace. True, we hadn't burned a fire in a couple of days, so was I surprised when embers ignited the bag — poof! I've even used a plastic recycling bin — only to watch in horror as still-hot coals from the night before melted a hole right through the bottom! Finally, I got smart when I discovered AshAway, the ash vac that removes and stores ashes safely. And AshAway absolutely eliminates that suffocating dust cloud caused by using a conventional fireplace shovel. Powerful 6 amp, 1 HP motor sucks ash swiftly through a special, five-foot flame-resistant hose into a 3 gallon steel barrel. Twin-filtering prevents fine dust particles from leaking back into the room. Most importantly, filters are cleaned without ever taking the lid off — just by accessing the ingenious, sealed cleaning rod. We've selected the newest, top-of-the-line AshAway model for its supremely quiet operation.

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