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Attache Atomic Wrist Watch
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Attache Atomic Wrist Watch

Radio-Controlled Atomic Wrist Watch Keeps the Most Accurate Time on Earth — And You'll Never Set Your Watch, Ever! Read More
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The National Institute of Standards & Technology operates a cesium atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado that refines a single second into 9 billion intervals — then drives a radio transmitter at Fort Collins that broadcasts an 8-bit time & date signal throughout North America The Attaché receives and resets to that precise signal at 2:00 am each night — self adjusting for Daylight Savings Time and Leap Year. You'll never set the time again! Select perpetual Date or Seconds on the LCD display merely by pressing the recessed button on the 3 o'clock side (notice there's no stem!). Or, press the recessed button on the 9 o'clock side to manually reset time when outside North America. Scratch-resistant crystal and sealed case are completely water resistant to 165 feet. Includes 2-year lithium cell. Attaché still keeps accurate quartz time when traveling beyond North America — just not atomic time! Stainless; 42mm case.

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