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Auto Cup Warmer
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Auto Cup Warmer

Keep Your Beverage Piping Hot All the Way to Work — Auto Cup Warmer's Precision Heater Adjusts Output as Needed, Shuts Off When Cup is Removed! Read More
Item #: R120
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The drive-thru line is painful enough without having your coffee turn stone cold by the time you get to work! Just slip your cup in and Auto Cup Warmer will keep it hot all the way to your destination! Patent pending design securely fits all vehicle cup holders — simply plug into your car's 12V DC power socket. Precision heater adjusts temperature output to keep your drink hot and tasty! Safe for all disposable cups, including paper, Styrofoam and plastic — fits all 12-24 ounce cups, with or without sleeves, and also keeps similarly shaped porcelain or metal travel mugs toasty. Auto Cup Warmer automatically shuts off when cup is removed, and turns on again when cup is reinserted — features lighted On/Off button for additional control. Enjoy your hot coffee from the first sip to the last!

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