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Automobile Save-a-Battery Maintainer
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Automobile Save-a-Battery Maintainer

Save-a-Battery Charges Your Dead Battery, Keeps it Fully (and Safely) Charged When Stored — Even Tells You if it Goes Bad! Read More
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We are sorry, but this product is no longer available.
Save-a-Battery is what we now use to maintain the Herrington Collection — one of the foremost collections of sports and GT Ferraris in the world. Keeps each battery fresh, ready to surge to life no matter how many months in storage. The ultra-fast, 50-watt 2x Battery Charger enables us to quickly bring a dead battery back to life. Save-a-Battery then automatically switches to maintenance/monitoring mode. By varying current and voltage in a deeper cycle, it more completely exercises, desulfinates, and rejuvenates a battery, and extends its life by years — all without overcharging. Low voltage alarm monitors batteries and sounds before damage occurs from a fatal dose of discharging. We leave Save-a-Batteries permanently connected, with no risk of overcharging. Voltmeter mode also lets you test your wiring and charging system. Comes with modular plug-in cables with three types of battery connectors; generous 10' AC power cord; and gold-plated connectors for reliability in damp garages and boathouses. "No-sparks" polarity protection prevents operation if misconnected. Withour voltmeter.

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