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Avalanche! Original Roof Rake
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Avalanche! Original Roof Rake

Remove Snow From Your Roof Fast and Safely Without Damaging Shingles Like Conventional Snow Rakes! Read More
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I've lived in New Hampshire for almost 30 years, and I've learned the hard way that if I don't rake the edges of my roof, ice dams form, water backs up under the shingles, and next thing you know, my ceiling is leaking! And, when it snows as much as it has this year, I'm always concerned about the weight of the deep snow, and fear a catastrophic roof collapse. Avoid damage, and potential disaster, by clearing snow from your roof after each storm with our Avalanche Original 750 Roof Rake! Easier and more efficient than conventional roof rakes — simply roll the patented cutter head up your roof and blocks of snow come sliding down the "chute"! The wheels keep the head at the perfect height to remove snow without damaging shingles. And, Avalanche takes only 10% of the effort compared to pulling heavy snow down with a traditional roof rake, so almost anyone can do it. Stand safely on the ground while using — lightweight fiberglass handle extends to 16 feet (four 4-foot sections). Ergonomic design puts minimal stress on your body and gets the job done in minutes! Easy assembly, no tools required. Snap-on coupler system for easy storage. 3" wheels, 17" x 12' slide/chute. Weighs 10 pounds.

Most pitched roofs built to code will hold about 20 pounds per square foot — the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety estimates 10-12" of new snow, or 3-5" of packed snow, or 1" of ice weighs about 5 pounds per square foot of roof. Two feet of old snow and 2 feet of new snow could weigh as much as 60 pounds, well beyond the snow load capacity of most roofs!

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