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BackJoy Posture Plus
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BackJoy Posture Plus

Reduce Back Strain and Pressure by Improving Your Posture With BackJoy! Read More
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I often find myself slouching over my desk, but by the time I notice my awful posture, my back is already stiff and sore! I've tried a number of products from mesh ergonomic seats to any number of cushions, but none have worked. So when I came across BackJoy, I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical — that is, until I used it. The difference is that Backjoy uses its patented Applied Postural Science that gently tilts your pelvis forward to induce a neutral position for your spine. It actively stabilizes your spine in a strain-free posture, aligning the body and correcting the dysfunctional mechanics caused by sitting. The strain and pressure of supporting your body's weight is shifted from the spine's muscles, and placed on proper weight bearing bones. Less strain and pressure on your back means less aggravation and pain, Good Posture equals Good Health!

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