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Bamboo Cool Vent Lap Desk
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Bamboo Cool Vent Lap Desk

Prolong the Life of Your Laptop While Working in Complete Comfort With Our Bamboo Cool Vent Lap Desk! Read More
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I enjoy being efficient, so I check my home email while watching the evening news. But using my laptop meant using the trackpad, which I hate — and I knew my computer was overheating sitting directly on my lap since my legs got downright hot and uncomfortable! Now I happily work on my laptop while sitting in my favorite recliner with the Bamboo Cool Vent Lap Desk. Crafted from pure, premium bamboo, its clean, minimalist design is lightweight yet durable, with airflow cutouts to keep my legs and computer comfortably cool, prolonging its life, and saving my lap from burns! Low-resistance, flush-mounted felted mousepad ensures minimal drag for improved productivity, while cord cutouts and phone/tablet stands let you charge your devices and multi-task with ease. Measures 22" x 11.25".

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