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Bare Ground Liquid De-Icer Kit
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Bare Ground Liquid De-Icer Kit

Our All-Natural Liquid De-Icing System Keeps Ice and Snow From Sticking for Easy Winter Clean-Ups — Safe for Pets and Gardens! Read More
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Stop breaking your back scraping ice and snow off walkways, driveways and steps — simply sling the Bare Ground Sprayer over your shoulder to make short work of winter clean ups! The proprietary and powerful De-Icing Liquid contains a natural by-product of agricultural processing added to a Magnesium Chloride (MgCL2) base. Non-toxic to pets and plants, biodegradable, and virtually non-corrosive — works fast with no pumping, priming or pulling required! Melts snow and ice faster and at lower temperatures than ordinary salts. Spray a few hours before a storm to form a non-stick surface that reduces ice and snow accumulation up to 2" — keeps any ice from sticking for up to 14 days! Battery-powered sprayer uses 4 "D" batteries — telescoping wand's nozzle tip adjusts from a solid stream for spot de-icing to a fine mist for pre-treating larger surface areas. The quickest and most practical way to treat your driveways and walkways before, during or after a snow storm! Kit includes Sprayer and 2 gallons of Liquid De-Icer; coverage equal to 100 lbs. of rock salt. Batteries not included. Odorless and non-staining. De-Icer liquid may also be diluted 50:50 with water and sprayed on trees and shrubs to prevent ice breakage.

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