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Battery Rack/Tester
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Battery Rack/Tester

Put Fresh Batteries At Your Fingertips, Not Buried in That Messy Drawer. Read More
Item #: T122

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Some things never change. When I was a kid (back when transistor radios were a big deal!), we kept loose batteries in a kitchen drawer full of junk. You couldn't tell fresh ones from dead ones, and you couldn't find a matched pair of any size! Today, my wife and I have the same messy kitchen drawer (only it's wooden instead of metal). But I've finally liberated the batteries. Using Battery Rack, I keep up to 40 fresh batteries of all sizes neatly organized. The built-in tester uses a tiny microprocessor to give me instant LED readings of battery health. Works equally well laying flat (yes, in a drawer), or hanging on a wall or in a cabinet. Organizes and tests all common sizes including AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt — either regular or rechargeable. 12"x 7"x 2".

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