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Battery Tender Plus - 12v
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Battery Tender Plus - 12v

Keeps Car and Boat Batteries Fully Charged When Not in Use — Safely! Read More
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Even a brand new, fully-charged battery loses 1% of its charge per day at room temperature (more in cold weather). So if you own a collectible car, or a boat that often sits for weeks or months between starts, you face the risk of dead silence when you turn the key. But Battery Tender will keep any battery fresh, ready to surge to life no matter how many months it sits. Not just another trickle charger that must be carefully watched to prevent dangerous overcharging. Instead, Battery Tender actually monitors your battery's voltage, accurately sensing when it is fully charged. Switches automatically from full recharging mode to float-charging, or storage mode, maintaining your battery at a constant full charge. So you may literally leave Battery Tender permanently connected, with absolutely no risk of boiling or overcharging. Polarity protection prevents operation if you cross your connections. Includes quick-connect harness for hard-to-reach batteries.

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