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Bauerfeind Training Compression Socks
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Bauerfeind Training Compression Socks

Find Discreet Relief for Painful, Swollen Legs from the European Experts at Bauerfeind — For Athletes, Increase Muscle Toning! Read More
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I hate to admit it, but I'm not getting any younger — and my body isn't letting me forget it! If you're like me and need relief from leg pain, swollen ankles, spider or varicose veins, or more severe conditions like lymphedema, try these stylish yet effective seamless compression socks. The experts at Bauerfeind work closely with physicians and physiotherapists to develop therapeutically effective products that help people live active and pain-free lives. With over 80 years of experience, and the knowledge gained from supplying athletes and consumers alike, these compression socks can help you increase well being and ensure greater quality of life!

For Working Out: As the medical care providers for athletes from 204 nations at the 2012 London Olympic Games, Bauerfeind's German engineers have created the Compression Sock TRAINING to help you achieve your personal goals, reduce the risk of injury and improve mobility. Unique features include a reinforced figure eight design around the instep and ankle (based on the sports taping techniques of top athletic trainers) to increase stability and control of the ankle joint. The Muscle Toning Zone enables targeted stimulation of the muscles while reducing tiring vibrations when running. Reinforced areas cushion the impact on the toe area, forefoot and heel to prevent rubbing and blisters and provide Achilles tendon relief. High quality breathable material wicks moisture to ensure a comfortable foot temperature.

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