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BEAN Personal Hearing Helper Single
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BEAN Personal Hearing Helper Single

Stop Shouting at Your Loved Ones and Enjoy Conversations Again — The BEAN Personal Hearing Helper Discreetly Yet Clearly Amplifies Sound to Keep Them in the Loop! Read More
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If you or your loved one has trouble following conversations or catching the dialog on a favorite TV show, you're not alone. According to the Hearing Loss Association, approximately 48 million Americans live with some level of hearing impairment. The BEAN Personal Hearing Helper provides extra amplification without investing thousands of dollars in a traditional hearing aid! Developed by Etymotic Research (a trusted leader in hearing technology for over 30 years), their Integrated Quiet Sound Amplifier® technology automatically adjusts to the surrounding noise level — not only boosts soft, high-pitched sounds heard in speech for improved clarity and comprehension (particularly in less-than-ideal listening environments like noisy restaurants), it also reduces extremely loud sounds like a blaring car horn for a more even listening experience. Ready to use right out of the box, the sleek, in-ear design is inconspicuous yet highly effective. Two-mode switch allows you to select between 15 or 23 decibels for a boost of amplification when needed to hear the TV without blasting it, and for more enjoyable conversations, without shouting! Includes 6 ear tips of different sizes and materials for a secure, comfortable fit; cleaning tool; filter tool and extra filters; #10 batteries and leather pouch. Long battery life; low-battery signal. Measures 0.75"L x 0.25"W.

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