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Bionic Back Brace
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Bionic Back Brace

Brace Yourself, With the Bionic Back Support That Uses a Powerful Pulley to Relieve Back Pain! Read More
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If you engage in any physical activity, whether it's golf, tennis, walking, or jogging — the chances are you've experience bouts of back pains. And if you're on your feet for hours at a time, your lower back probably throbs in protest. Slip the Bionic Back Brace around your waist, pull the handle taut, and experience immediate and dramatic relief. A system of Bionic pulleys and cords smoothly maximize compression — relieving pressure on discs, and giving you 6 times more support power than non-bionic orthoses.

The same technology used by spinal surgeons themselves (who stand for hours in the operating room) — by the same company that is the leading supplier of medical orthoses prescribed for spinal surgery patients. Thin and lightweight, so it can be comfortably and discreetly worn under clothing, or between layers. One-handed, one-second adjustment lets you tighten or loosen instantly as your need for support varies throughout the day. Patented, breathable Ergo-Dynamic mesh panels optimize airflow, and contour to your body shape for cool, invisible comfort. Registered with the FDA as a medical device; provides lower back relief from the L1 through L5 vertebrae.

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