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Bluetooth TV SleepPhones
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Bluetooth TV SleepPhones

Listen to Your Favorite TV Shows and Music Without Disturbing Your Spouse With Soft, Comfortable Bluetooth TV SleepPhones! Read More
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I enjoy watching late night talk shows in bed, but have to keep the volume so low (so I don't disturb my wife's sleep) that I often miss the punch line! So I was delighted to find these incredibly comfortable Bluetooth TV SleepPhones with ultra-thin, crystal clear speakers tucked inside a soft, cozy headband! Unlike painful ear buds or bulky headphones, SleepPhones allow you to wirelessly listen to TV programs (or audio from any Bluetooth device) and comfortably fall asleep, without disturbing your partner! The complete kit includes a Bluetooth transmitter to plug into your television via the included cables (RCA or USB, or 3.5mm speaker). Award winning design features easy push-button volume adjustment and no-signal auto-shutoff to preserve rechargeable Li-Ion battery — provides up to 13 hours of listening from a three-hour charge. The speakers even remove to machine wash the breathable, hypoallergenic headband! One size fits most. Includes Bluetooth Transmitter (adaptor) and cables for TV connection, Velcro® Tape Mount and AC Power Adapter.

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