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Blunt Tip Mini Umbrella
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Blunt Tip Mini Umbrella

Award-Winning Golf Umbrella Spreads Tension Across the Entire Canopy — Keeps You Dry in a Deluge, Will Withstand Winds up to 40 MPH! Read More
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(0.8 lbs; 14" closed)

Winner of a 2014 iF Product Design Award and endorsed by renowned PGA caddy Steve Williams, these umbrellas are truly the most effective I have ever tested. Underneath the canopy, the patented frame consists of 6 double strut sliding mechanisms. As you open the umbrella, these struts flex and spread your applied force out evenly to the tips of the canopy, instead of one rigid point in the middle. When the wind blows, the istance is spread across the entire canopy. So now in even the harshest of weather, you'll stay dry and protected, instead of trying to flip your umbrella, turned sail, right side up! And because all of the tips are rounded, you can open it next to your partners without having dangerous points at eye level. Simple push-pull system is easy on fingers — just push up to open and pull down to close. Golf model stretches full to 54" diameter, Mini model a robust 37". Blunt Mini Umbrella can withstand wind gusts up to 40 MPH.

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