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Bodum French Press Coffee Maker (34 oz)
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Bodum French Press Coffee Maker (34 oz)

Coffee Connoisseurs Will Murmur, "Magnifique!" Into Their Cups — Bodum's French Press Brews the Ultimate, Full-Flavored Café Quickly and Easily in the Comfort of Your Own Home! Read More
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Boil, pour, wait four minutes, plunge — and enjoy the richest, most flavorful cup of French Press coffee, without a trip to your local coffee shop! Founded in Denmark in 1944, Bodum is renowned for its iconic French Press coffeemaker and signature Scandinavian design. Popularized in France, this brewing method produces the freshest, purest cup possible. Bodum's beautifully designed French Press coffee maker is the simplest of all brewing systems, where coarsely ground beans meet hot water right off the boil. The correct water temperature (195-205° F) brings the optimal extraction power for the essential oils in the beans to develop their full flavor profile in just four minutes. Then, slowly depress the plunger — the ultra-fine mesh screen locks the coffee grounds at the bottom of the glass carafe. With no paper filters to taint the taste or filter out the flavorful oils, you'll enjoy a robust, full-bodied cup of coffee like no other! Stainless steel frame & plunger, borosilicate glass, BPA-free. Dishwasher safe. 9¾"H x 6 7/8; x 4¼"D. Made in Europe.

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