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Breathe-Easy Dry Snorkel
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Breathe-Easy Dry Snorkel

At Last, a Dry Snorkel That Puts Air in Your Lungs, Never Water! Read More
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Our Breathe-Easy Dry Snorkel lets you inhale air, not disgusting seawater, naturally and without worry. That's because a sophisticated sea valve completely seals out water, whether from wave action or submersion. So you can relax and enjoy the fish, rather than swallow the sea! And Dry Snorkel remains watertight even when it's upside down. So you can dive down for a closer look under your boat, for example, without a trace of water leaking into the air column. When you surface, automatic release lets you resume breathing. No need to sharply exhale, because there's no water whatsoever in the air tube! Comes with a soft, silicone mouthpiece with pre-curved extension that reduces the jaw fatigue that plagues ordinary snorkels — and a safety whistle in case you drift away from your boat.

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