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Brush-T Set
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Brush-T Set

Nothing-But-Air Brush-T Helps You Hit Farther and Straighter! Read More
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With all the technological advances in drivers, irons and balls, I'm not surprised that someone has finally improved upon the ancient wooden tee. At the critical intersection where club meets ball, you want nothing to interfere with the maximum transfer of energy. And nothing to deflect your ball off line! Brush-T supports the ball on the tips of the flexible bristles that bend on impact. So instead of a stiff wooden or plastic cup cradling your ball, Brush-T suspends your ball on a cushion of air! With less initial resistance, independent testing confirms a gain of up to 7 yards using Brush-T. And by eliminating the sidespin caused by ordinary hard tees, Brush-T also gives you tighter dispersion for better accuracy — to say nothing of the sweet sensation of sweeping your drives off nothing but air! Each Brush-T comes with ball marker. Conforms to all R&A and USGA regulations. Set includes three 2" Brush-T's (for 3-wood); three 2.4" Brush-T's (for traditional driver); and two 3.125" XL-T's (for 360-480cc oversized drivers!).

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