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Buzz-Off Flameless Torch Refill Set
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Buzz-Off Flameless Torch Refill Set

Buzz-Off Flameless Torch Refills — Keeps Pesky Mosquitoes Away Without Lotions or Sprays! Read More
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Use this handy Refill Set with our Buzz-Off Flameless Torch (catalog item #Y372) to create a bug-free zone around your deck and yard! The repellant's active ingredient (allethrin) is a synthetic copy of the natural mosquito repellant found in chrysanthemum flowers and repels mosquitoes, black flies, sand flies, and no-see-ums, but won't harm humans or pets. This Set includes four 12-Hour Butane Cartridges and 12 Bug Repellant Mats for 48 hours of bug-free bliss!

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