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Cavallino Italian No-Bind Belt
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Cavallino Italian No-Bind Belt

Colorful and Casual — The Cavallino Italian No-Bind Belt Stretches With Every Move You Make for Relaxed Comfort and Ease! Read More
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We've all done it — discreetly maneuvering to let out a too-tight belt a notch or two after enjoying too much of a delectable meal. The Cavallino No-Bind Belt solves the issue with European style, crafted in rich, vibrant colors by experienced artisans right here in America! Using imported Italian leather and silky smooth rayon, each strand of rayon is braided to make a single cord. Then, over a dozen cords are woven together with a stretchable core to create a durable, distinctive belt (thicker than most leather belts) that allows you to move in complete comfort! Nickel-free brushed gunmetal buckle completes the look, adding stylish flair that keeps you looking sharp — the perfect complement to khakis, jeans and shorts. Expandable weave provides several inches of extra stretch so you'll never again have to loosen your belt after overindulging at your favorite restaurant! 1 3/8" wide. Made in USA. Please order one size up from pant waist size.

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