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Ceramic Slicing Knife (4.5" Blade)
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Ceramic Slicing Knife (4.5" Blade)

Razor-Sharp Ceramic Knife Slices Through Thick-Skinned Lemons Like Butter! Read More
Item #: HS486
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If you haven't experienced the joy of cutting with ceramic knives, prepare to be amazed. Just place the edge of our Ceramic Slicing Knife against the toughest lemon, with the thickest rind you can find, and press down. Instantly, the distinctive white ceramic blade cleaves the lemon neatly in half — with no sawing, and barely any effort. Ceramic's superior hardness permits a diamond-hard edge even sharper than stainless — and retains its sharpness 10x longer. Ideal for slicing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats.

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