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Chillsner Drink-Thru Beer Chiller (Set of 2)
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Chillsner Drink-Thru Beer Chiller (Set of 2)

Chill Your Beer, So it Stays Cold and Refreshing — With Chillsner! Read More
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There are few things as satisfying as a cold beer. On the other hand, there are few things more disappointing than warm beer. But I want to be able to enjoy my favorite brew at my own pace, without having to chug it down like I'm at a fraternity party before it gets warm. Then I found Chillsner, the ingenious in-bottle, drink-through beer chiller. Simply freeze, then insert into any bottled beer — and never suffer through another warm brew. The technology lies in the proprietary cooling gel that literally transforms Chillsner into an arctic-like cooling device. The stainless steel frame freezes quickly, chills perfectly and cleans easily. Once inside your bottle, its four vents deliver a smooth, consistent flow of perfectly chilled beer with every sip. Perfect for parties, tailgating or just relaxing — anywhere you wish to enjoy a refreshing cold one. Set of 2.

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