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Classic Coco Mats (Front and Rear)
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Classic Coco Mats (Front and Rear)

The Return of Classic Coco Mats — They Looked Good in My 1949 MG-TD — And They Still Look Great Today! Read More
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I first caught the old-car bug back in the late 1950's. But it wasn't a '57 Chevy I lusted after (well, actually I wanted one of those too!). It was a 1949 MG-TD with red-painted wire wheels, SU carbs, and red-and-black tweed Coco Mats.

It took forever to go 0-60 mph, but it cornered like a go-cart compared to Detroit iron. Crude by today's standards, but it's really the car that started the sports car craze in America. And those coco mats were the finishing touch. Woven from actual coconut husks, they wore like iron, trapped dirt and grit like flypaper, and looked like Watkins Glen to me. Our Classic Coco Mats come with color-matched vinyl binding and heel pad to protect your driving shoes. Rubber nib backing keeps them in place no matter how many G's you pull around hairpin turns!

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