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Clean Sweep Leaf Sweeper
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Clean Sweep Leaf Sweeper

Don't Rake Your Yard — Sweep It Clean Without Breaking Your Back! Read More
Item #: T103
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I love the fall, but could do without the backbreaking task of raking leaves. Now, thanks to the Clean Sweep Leaf Sweeper, keeping my yard tidy is a breeze! Developed by the American Lawn Mower Company (makers of reel hand mowers since 1895), this clever Sweeper features 21" wide flexible brushes that quickly sweep leaves into the spacious 26 gallon nylon hopper. Easier to use than a hand mower, its large 10" wheels glide effortlessly over grass, concrete and asphalt. Simply turn the dial to raise or lower the durable, multi-function brushes to pick up all sizes of leaves, pine needles, even grass clippings! When full, grab the cross bar to quickly unhook the hopper for emptying, then snap it back into place. Handle is constructed with sturdy tubular steel, yet Clean Sweep weighs only 12 pounds so anyone can push it to keep your yard, driveway and sidewalk looking great! Easy assembly. Hopper folds in for storage.

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