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Clef du Vin Wine Key
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Clef du Vin Wine Key

Clef du Vin Ages Your Wine in Seconds to Improve Bouquet and Balance — Recommended by Wine Experts Worldwide! Read More
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"Very skeptical at first, I discovered the effectiveness of Clef du Vin by testing it on closed up wines (wines in a state of reduction); in one to two seconds Clef du Vin revealed aromas and softened the tannins in an amazing way. Incredible!" — Diana Flamand, Oenologist, Production Manager at Domain de Rothschild

With a simple dip of our Clef du Vin Wine Key you'll reveal the true qualities of any wine as you instantly 'tune' it to your taste! Created by one of Europe's top sommeliers, Clef du Vin immediately adjusts the bouquet and balance of each glass — no need to wait for the wine to breathe and mellow. This beautifully crafted stainless steel instrument features a patented metal alloy inset that reacts with the wine, forcing rapid oxidation to replicate the aging process. Each second of contact 'ages' the wine one year, softening harsh, astringent tannins to velvety smoothness in reds, and rounding out and balancing the fruity tones of whites. Also works with rosé, sparkling and naturally sweet wines — instantly ages and mellows younger wines. And because Clef du Vin reveals a wine's aging potential, it helps you efficiently manage your cellar so you'll always enjoy your favorite vintages at their peak. The key to a superior wine tasting experience — approved by the greatest sommeliers in the world and winegrowers alike! Includes travel cover. Since Clef du Vin acts as a catalyst, it passes no substance on to the wine and cannot wear out. Guaranteed effective for life!

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